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Moving Towards A Sustainable Future

Ellier aims to change the trend of “sustainability” being utilized as a marketing concept for a business rather than its core practice. We’re as much about making the environment look beautiful as we are for our customers. As a small company, we are limited to the extent of impact that we can have - however as we grow our aim is to implement the practices that are least detrimental to the business. What are we doing currently? - All our bottles are sourced from an Australian company that produces the plastics 100% carbon neutral. - The moisturiser itself is made in Australia, reducing the impact of travel emissions - Boxes sourced are made from 100% recycled material   We can look...

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Why Olive Oil?

With the goal to bring competitive, yet affordable quality skincare products to the market, Ellier jumped at the chance to do so, bringing along their secret weapon – Olive Oil. Avoiding the fads that plague the skincare market, olive oil with its potent antioxidant properties has already stood the test of time.   A common household item, Olive Oil is well known for it’s Mediterranean background, an important part of the population’s diet, which is considered a major factor in preserving a healthy & relatively disease-free population. High consumption of olive oils which are particularly high in phenolic antioxidants are considered to offer protection against cancer, heart disease and ageing by inhibiting oxidative stress (1). That’s on the inside, what...

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